Ackermans health centre

Oxygen prices

                      Oxlife  Concentrator   -   R56000.00

                 Inogen One G3 Portable  Concentrator   -   R42900.00

                 inogen G4 Portable Concentrator  -   R44900.00

Oxygen cylinder rental 400 liter/1400 liter - R200 deposit + R200-00 Monthly rental

Oxygen regulator rental - R200 deposit + R200.00 Monthly rental

Oxygen cylinder + regulator rental - R400 deposit + R400.00 Monthly rental

Oxygen concentrator monthly rental - R900 deposit + R900.00 Monthly rental

Portable Oxygen Concentrator to hire -   R1500 deposit + R1500.00 Monthly rental

Oxygen cylinder 400 liter refill - R165.00

Oxygen cylinder 1400 liter refill - R200.00

Oxygen concentrator OLV-5  - R14999.00  5 liter/min

Pulse Fingertip Oximeter - R799.00

Nasal cannula - R24.99

Adult oxygen mask - R24.99

Adult nebulizer mask - R29.99

Pediatric nebulizer mask - R29.99

Humidifier bottle - R44.99

Oxygen cylinder 1400 liter to buy - R3600.00

Oxygen cylinder 400 liter to buy - R2000.00

Oxygen regulator to buy - pin index - R1000.00

Oxygen regulator to buy - bull nose - R1000.00

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