5LPM  LL Portable Oxygen (5LPM,90% Purity, Medical Grade for COPD,Asthma, Respiratory Problems, 24hr Continue Flow, 7800mAH SAMSUNG Battery, Top Quality, Highly Recommended)

5LPM Legend LoveGo Portable Oxygen (5LPM,90% Purity, Medical Grade for COPD,Asthma, Respiratory Problems, 24hr Continue Flow, 7800mAH SAMSUNG Battery, Top Quality, Highly Recommended)
Our Price : R22500-00 incl of VAT

            5LPM LL Portable Oxygen (5LPM,90% Purity, Medical Grade

            for COPD, Asthma and Respiratory Problems. 24hr Continuous Flow. 7800mAH

            SAMSUNG Battery. Top Quality. Highly Recommended)


            Why Oxygen?

Oxygen treatment increases the amount of oxygen that flows into your Lungs and Bloodstream. If your COPD or Asthma is at a worsened stage and/or Hypoxia (When your Blood oxygen levels are low) getting more oxygen can help you breathe better and live a better quality lifestyle. You don't have to stay at home or at a hospital to use oxygen, oxygen systems are portable as well. You can use it while you do your daily tasks.


            What To Expect After Treatment

Long-term oxygen treatment will improve the quality of your life. It can help you live longer when you have severe COPD, Asthma and/or Hypoxia (low Oxygen levels). You will notice less shortness of breath and have more energy.


            Why It Is Done

Long-term oxygen therapy is used for COPD and Asthma and/or Hypoxia (Low levels of oxygen in your blood). It is used mostly to slow down or prevent right-sided heart failure. It can help you live a better quality of life.


            How Well It Works

Several studies show that using oxygen at home for more than 5 hours a day increases quality of life and helps people live longer when they have severe COPD, Asthma and Hypoxia. Two to three hours of oxygen therapy has good short-term and long-term effects in people with COPD. Using oxygen may also improve memory problems. It may improve impaired kidney function caused by Hypoxia


            What To Think About

People using oxygen should not smoke. Do not use oxygen around lit cigarettes or an open flame. If you or  those around you smoke, or if there are other risks for fire, it is important to consider oxygen treatment very carefully because of the danger of fire or an explosion.

  You may need oxygen in certain situations, including: during exercise. For some people with COPD and Asthma blood oxygen levels drop only when they exercise or are very active. Using oxygen during exercise may help boost performance and reduce shortness of breath.

 During sleep, breathing naturally slows down because the body doesn't need as much oxygen. Sleep-related breathing disorders are quite common in people with COPD, and many will have significantly low blood oxygen levels during sleep.


            For air travel.

 The level of oxygen in airplanes is about the same as the oxygen level at an elevation of 8000 ft (2438 m). This drop in oxygen can really affect people with COPD. If you normally use oxygen or have borderline-low oxygen levels in your blood, you may need oxygen when you fly. Traveling with oxygen is possible with our

portable oxygen machine.


            LL Portable Oxygen Concentrator Product Summary

When one needs regular medical oxygen therapy, life can change significantly. Rather than feeling confined to a +-15kg home medical oxygen concentrator or oxygen cylinders, patients now have the option to be free to go anywhere with the lightweight LEGEND LoveGo Portable Oxygen Concentrator. The good news is our LEGEND LoveGo portable oxygen concentrator is not only a modern design and high quality, but cost-effective as well.


            LL Portable Oxygen Concentrator Features & Benefits


            >>  Continuously flow rate, 1-5LPM adjustable. Meets a wide

            range of demands.


            >> Compact size: 9.6” X 7.1” X 14.3”


            >> All the parts composed of the machine are made in the worlds

            Top-branded manufacturer.


            >> LCD panel, working time display, battery level display, oxygen flow



            >> The small humidifier makes oxygen therapy more comfortable.


            >> Anion function to purify the air around you for clean oxygen inhalation.


            >> SAMSUNG original battery. 7800mAH.


            >> The carry bag makes operation very convenient.


            Three Working Methods Of LL Portable Oxygen Concentrator:

  A: Rechargeable li-ion battery. Just take along with the battery when walking or travel. It brings no burden to you because of its light weight.

  B: Works with a car cigarette lighter port (inverter included).

  C: Works of a standard 220V/240V electrical plug.


            LL Portable Oxygen Concentrator Specifications 


                  Width 9.6"

                  Height 14.3"

                  Depth 7.1"

                  Weight 5.4kg

                  Noise level<45 dBA

                  Output pressure 0.04-0.06 Mpa.

                  Warm-up time1 minute

                  Maximum oxygen capacity 5lpm

                  Oxygen flow Continuously, Settings 1,2,3,4,5

                  Oxygen concentration90%±3% (1.0LPM)

                  75%±3% (2.0LPM)

                  60%±3% (3.0LPM)

                  45%±3% (4.0LPM)

                  40%±3% (5.0LPM)



                  Rechargeable Battery Brand: SAMSUNG, 7800mAh.12 Cells.

                  Power Consumption90 W

                  AC power Home Use: Universal Power Supply:100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz.

                  DC power Car Use: Input 10-29 VDC, Output 21 VDC

                  Operating altitude Up to 12,000ft. (3657m)



                  1. Power failure alarm.

                  2. High temperature alarm.

                  3. High pressure alarm.



            LL  Includes:

            >> 1x Portable Oxygen Concentrator

            >> 1x Carry Bag

            >> 1x AC Adapter

            >> 1x DC Adapter

            >> 1x Car Inverter

            >> 1x li-ion Battery

            >> 1x Battery Charger

            >> 1x Carry Bag

            >> 1x Oxygen tube

            >> 2x Air Filters

            >> 1x Humidifier

            >> 1x English Manual



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